The Skinny on Mt. Pleasant Short-Term Rentals

The Town of Mount Pleasant’s new short-term rental ordinance will become effective January 1, 2020. Whether you are for or against short-term rentals, the ordinance was much needed for both sides. The regulations are meant to provide greater safety measures and encourage responsible renting.  Contrary to what many homeowners believe, the majority of short-term rental owners take great pride in their investments and maintain them extremely well so as to receive 5-star reviews from their guests. They are operated quite differently than long-term rental properties where the owner rarely enters or inspects during the lease period. The new ordinance will help enforce rules that most STR owners already practice, but now there will be penalties should they have a violation.


If you are an STR owner with questions about the license/permit/accommodations tax process, or if you are a concerned resident who may just want more information about STRs…feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do my best to answer your questions or lead you to the right resource.


Highlights of the New Mount Pleasant Ordinance

• STR is defined as a residential dwelling unit or portion thereof that rents out for less than 30 consecutive days.

• Apartments and condos are prohibited from being an STR.

• The cap on STRs is at 1% which the town estimates to be about 400.

• Town business license and permit required.

• Permit registration fees $250/annually

• Signed affidavit certifying the property complies with Town fire and building ordinances.

• At least 1 additional off-street parking. This means 1 for the homeowner and 1 for the dwelling.

• Owner or designated agent must be physically able to respond to the site in cases of emergency within an hour.

• Penalties will be implemented for violations.

• STR homeowners who currently have a business license and are paying appropriate accommodations tax will be grandfathered in and not included in the 1% cap.

• The ordinance goes into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

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